Chaire de Génie Logiciel
Andreas Zeller

Chaire de Génie Logiciel (Prof. Zeller)
Université de la Sarre – Informatique
Campus Informatique de la Sarre
Campus E9 1 (CISPA)
66123 Sarrebruck, Allemagne
E-mail: zeller @
Tél.: +49 681 302-70970

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Software Testing
We automatically generate software tests, optimized for GUI and code coverage lire...
DroidMate: Test generation for Android apps
EXSYST: Test generation for Java applications
WebMate: Automatically testing Web apps
Efficient mutation testing
Specification Mining
We extract specifications from classes and apps lire...
CHABADA: Checking App Behavior Against App Descriptions
SPECMATE: Specification Mining and Testing
BOXMATE: Sandbox mining for Android apps
Mining models of software behavior
Automatic Parallelization
We parallelize existing software automatically. lire...
SAMBAMBA: an automatically parallelizing compiler
Mining Software Archives
From version and bug databases, we predict failure-prone modules and related changes lire...
Predicting vulnerabilities for Mozilla
Download Eclipse bug data
Automated Debugging
We automatically determine why programs fail — finding causes in code, input, statements, or test suites lire...
Book: Why Programs Fail
Finding Failure Causes with Delta Debugging
All publications. lire...
La Vie a la Chaire
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Tous les projets...
Software Praktikum (Herbst 2018)
Gruppen von 5 - 7 Studenten erstellen ein nicht-triviales Softwaresystem in Java. lire...
Advances in Security Testing
During the course of this seminar, we will discuss well established and upcoming techniques used in automated software testing for security issues. Students will present and discuss topics on a weekly basis. Topics include black and white box approaches, static and dynamic analysis, and test generation techniques, such as fuzzing. Students should already have basic knowledge about software systems and testing, i.e. Programming II and Sopra. Knowledge in security testing, e.g. from the lecture of the same name, is also welcome. lire...
Security Testing
An advanced lecture on various topics in the area of Security Testing. lire...
Input Inference Seminar
This seminar will discuss problem of automatically inferring input formats from programs and their use for fuzz testing lire...
AppMining Seminar
This seminar will discuss the state of the art mining research for apps lire...
Software Engineering (Summer 2017)
Groups of 5-7 students work with real customers to develop a piece of software following best software engineering practices. lire...
Security Testing
An advanced lecture offered as a block course on various topics in the area of Security Testing lire...
Master Seminar
Our weekly meeting for students preparing a thesis in software engineering. lire...
Sujets Bachelor et Master
Sujets à votre choix. lire...
Software Testing
Specification Mining
Automatic Parallelization
Mining Software Archives
Automated Debugging
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Friederike Repplinger
Secrétaire - Campus E9 1 (CISPA), Bureau 2.06
Tél.: +49 681 302-70970
Fax: +49 681 302-70972
office @ lire...
Andreas Zeller
Professeur - Campus E9 1 (CISPA), Bureau 2.07
Tél.: +49 681 302-70970
zeller @ lire...
Rahul Gopinath
Matthias Höschele
Nikolas Havrikov
Björn Mathis
Sascha Just
Alexander Kampmann
Konstantin Kuznetsov
Andreas Rau
Ezekiel Soremekun
Nataniel Pereira Borges Junior
Jenny Hotzkow
Michaël Mera
Ancien Personnel
Konrad Jamrozik * Kevin Streit * Clemens Hammacher * María Gómez Lacruz * Sudipta Chattopadhyay * Alessandra Gorla * Juan Pablo Galeotti * Marcel Böhme * Dr. Gordon Fraser * Dr. Kim Herzig * Dr. Valentin Dallmeier * Michael Mirold * Bernd Pohl * Dr. Christian Lindig * Dr. Martin Burger * Dr. Stephan Neuhaus * Dr. Yana Mileva * Dr. Frank Padberg * Dr. Rahul Premraj * Dr. Jeremias Rößler * Dr. David Schuler * Dr. Andrzej Wasylkowski * Dr. Thomas Zimmermann * Dr. Silvia Breu * Irina Brudaru * Holger Cleve * Ilaria Tavecchia * Eva May * Florian Gross

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