Software Engineering Chair
Andreas Zeller

Software Engineering Chair (Prof. Zeller)
Saarland University – Computer Science
Campus E9 1 (CISPA)
66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
E-mail: zeller @
Phone: +49 681 302-70970

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Software Testing
We automatically generate software tests, optimized for GUI and code coverage more...
DroidMate: Test generation for Android apps
EXSYST: Test generation for Java applications
WebMate: Automatically testing Web apps
Efficient mutation testing
Specification Mining
We extract specifications from classes and apps more...
CHABADA: Checking App Behavior Against App Descriptions
SPECMATE: Specification Mining and Testing
BOXMATE: Sandbox mining for Android apps
Mining models of software behavior
Automatic Parallelization
We parallelize existing software automatically. more...
SAMBAMBA: an automatically parallelizing compiler
Mining Software Archives
From version and bug databases, we predict failure-prone modules and related changes more...
Predicting vulnerabilities for Mozilla
Download Eclipse bug data
Automated Debugging
We automatically determine why programs fail — finding causes in code, input, statements, or test suites more...
Book: Why Programs Fail
Finding Failure Causes with Delta Debugging
All publications. more...
Life at the Chair
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All topics...
The chair takes a sabbatical this Summer. The next course will be 'Sopra' late August/September. more...
Master Seminar
Our weekly meeting for students preparing a thesis in software engineering. more...
Theses Topics
Challenges and fun more...
Software Testing
Specification Mining
Automatic Parallelization
Mining Software Archives
Automated Debugging
Earlier courses...
Friederike Repplinger
Secretary - Campus E9 1 (CISPA), Room 2.06
Phone: +49 681 302-70970
Fax: +49 681 302-70972
office @ more...
Andreas Zeller
Professor - Campus E9 1 (CISPA), Room 2.07
Phone: +49 681 302-70970
zeller @ more...
Alessio Gambi
Sudipta Chattopadhyay
PhD Students
Clemens Hammacher
Matthias Höschele
Konrad Jamrozik
Konstantin Kuznetsov
Andreas Rau
Matthias Schur
Kevin Streit
Andrey Tarasevich
Vitalii Avdiienko
Former Staff
Alessandra Gorla * Juan Pablo Galeotti * Marcel Böhme * Dr. Gordon Fraser * Dr. Kim Herzig * Dr. Valentin Dallmeier * Michael Mirold * Bernd Pohl * Dr. Christian Lindig * Dr. Martin Burger * Dr. Stephan Neuhaus * Dr. Yana Mileva * Dr. Frank Padberg * Dr. Rahul Premraj * Dr. Jeremias Rößler * Dr. David Schuler * Dr. Andrzej Wasylkowski * Dr. Thomas Zimmermann * Dr. Silvia Breu * Irina Brudaru * Holger Cleve * Ilaria Tavecchia * Eva May * Florian Gross

Our offices are in Campus E9 1 (CISPA), 2nd floor (map and directions)

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