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Software Evolution
Seminar WS 2004/05

Lehrstuhl für Softwaretechnik (Prof. Zeller)
Universität des Saarlandes – Informatik
Informatik Campus des Saarlandes
Campus E9 1 (CISPA)
66123 Saarbrücken
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Software Evolution

Most of the current software systems were built 20 years ago, and some are even older. In this time frame, these systems have undergone numerous changes, adapting to new environments and requirements. The evolution of this software is frequently recorded, such as change logs and version archives. In this seminar, we want to explore how to exploit such evolution data: how can we learn from history such that we don't repeat the same mistakes over and over?

Your lecturers are Prof. Andreas Zeller and Thomas Zimmermann.


  • 2004-12-16: Choose your topic now!
    Send me at least three topics ranked by favor. I will try to assign you to the topics b ased on the submitted rankings.
  • We have created a mailing list for the participants.
  • One-page summaries and at least three questions or comments are due on Mondays, at 9 am.
  • The weekly meetings are on: Monday 16-18, Building 45, Room 328. You will find the dates below.


  • Please use your own words in the summaries. If you copy text from the paper, you will get at least one grade less for the summary.
  • The one-page limit is a recommendation. However, if you include too much unimportant parts of the paper (and exceed one page), you will get a minus on your grade. So, if your summary is more than one page, check that all parts are really important. Important means an essential part of the motivation, solution, evaluation, or the contributions. Usually the abstract and conclusions summarize the most important parts of a paper. But remember, don't copy text!

Talk Schedule

Date Talk & Materials (pdf unless otherwise stated)
Mon2005-02-21Overview of Software Evolution (Christoph Cullmann): EssaySlides
Software Decay (Kim Herzig): Essay
Version Control Archives and Bug Databases (Jacek Sliwerski): EssaySlides
Guiding Programmers (Gernot Gebhard): EssaySlides
Impact Analysis (Yury Chebiryak): EssaySlides (pps)
Tue2005-02-22Feature Location (Gregor Mehlmann): Essay
Software Architecture (Robert Müller): Essay
Dynamic Analysis (Peter Kolloch): Essay
Refactoring (Lyublena Antova): EssaySlides
Aspect Oriented Programming (Melih Demir): EssaySlides
Wed2005-02-23Program Checking (Yassen Assenov): EssaySlides
Program Comprehension & Visualization (Christoph Keppner): Essay

Seminar Topics and Class Schedule

Date Topic Material
Thu2004-10-21About the Course
Fri2004-10-22Initial Meeting Final Seminar Topics including papers for talks (revision of 2004-12-16)
The papers relevant for (upcoming) classes and summaries are labeled "In class:", and the papers for the talks are printed in boldface.
Planned Seminar Topics (revision of 2004-10-27)
Fri2004-10-29Overview of Software Evolution Paper: Metrics and Laws of Software Evolution - The Nineties View
Mon2004-11-01No Class (Allerheiligen)
Mon2004-11-08Software Decay Paper: Does Code Decay? Assessing the Evidence from Change Management Data
Mon2004-11-15Version Control Archives and Bug Databases Two (!) Papers: Bug Driven Bug Finders (write a summary) and
If Your Version Control System Could Talk... (answer the question What analyses of version control archives can you think of?)
Mon2004-11-22Guiding Programmers Paper: Mining Version Histories to Guide Software Changes
Mon2004-11-29Impact Analysis Paper: Whole Program Path-Based Dynamic Impact Analysis
Mon2004-12-06Feature Location Paper: Aiding Program Comprehension by Static and Dynamic Feature Analysis
Mon2004-12-13Software Architecture Paper: Architectural Mismatch: Why Reuse Is So Hard
No summary required, but special assignments.
Mon2004-12-20No Class Optional Reading: Reverse Engineering the Twelve Days of Christmas
Mon2004-12-27No Class (Holidays)
Mon2005-01-03No Class (Holidays)
Mon2005-01-10Dynamic Analysis Paper: Dynamically Discovering Likely Program Invariants to Support Program Evolution
Mon2005-01-17Program Checking Paper: Using Redundancies to Find Errors
No summary required, but special assignments: Exercise 2 from Writing for Computer Science, by Justin Zobel. Second Edition, Springer 2004.
Mon2005-01-24Refactoring Paper: A Survey of Software Refactoring
No summary required, but special assignments.
Mon2005-01-31Aspect Oriented Programming Paper: Aspect-Oriented Programming
Mon2005-02-07No Class (Rosenmontag)
Mon2005-02-14Program Comprehension & Visualization Paper: A Categorization of Classes based on the Visualization of their Internal Structure
Summary and special assignments (Writing for Computer Science, Exercise 20)
The talks will take place in the week from February 21-25, 2005.

Changes to the above schedule will be announced in the class and posted here.


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