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Configuration Management with Version Sets
by Andreas Zeller

Technische Universitńt Braunschweig, April 1997. PhD Thesis.

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Software Configuration Management (SCM) is the discipline to organize and control evolving software systems. In SCM, one deals with the problem of several people developing, building, shipping, and maintaining several copies of software products, each with an individual set of changes applied to make it fit into a particular environment. The aim of an SCM engineer is to identify and control these changes, such that all resulting software products are well-identified and well-defined. Today, there is a number of automated SCM tools and systems that can help enforcing and maintaining SCM procedures. Unfortunately, there are many such tools and each imposes its own SCM policy. This means that the entire development process must be adapted to the specific SCM policy, rather than vice versa. This book presents a common adaptive base for the technical aspects of software configuration management: version sets integrate common SCM functionality such as attributed components, repositories, work spaces, variant sets, revision histories, or consistency checking in a single concept. Version sets are formally described by feature logic, a logic denoting objects by specifying their possible attributes (or non-attributes). The version set model has been realized in the experimental SCM system ICE. It turns out that all major SCM models can be realized and integrated efficiently in ICE, demonstrating the flexible and unifying nature of the version set model. In short, this thesis presents today's SCM concepts, their common foundation, and some new applications. Enjoy!


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