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Mining object behavior

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Mining Object Behavior

For programs, common behavior is often correct behavior. We try to capture such behavior by observing programs at runtime. The results are abstract models that we use for program understanding and debugging.

Our experiments for model mining currently focus on Java: we instrument Java programs on the byte-code level and execute them, typically using unit tests or a regression test suite. The models are built in memory and serialized when a program exits.

The Big Picture

Watch a Macromedia Flash animation (2 MB) about model mining. The animation illustrates the ideas behind our paper Mining Object Behavior with ADABU and draws connections to ealier work.

mining model screen


  • Valentin Dallmeier, Christian Lindig, Andrzej Wasylkowski, Andreas Zeller: Mining Object Behavior with ADABU. Fourth International Workshop on Dynamic Analysis (WODA 2006), Neelam Gupta, Andy Podgurski (Eds.), pages 17-24, Shanghai, China, May 2006. PDF


If you're interested in using Adabu for your program, take a look at the project page.

Contact us

Below you can find links to the people working on mining object behavior. Please contact us for questions, rants, and raves.

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