Date News Update
28 April 207 Prof. Andreas Zeller will present "How to give a great research talk", 13:15-14:00, @CISPA (E9.1) - room 0.06
25 April 2017 First Session
20 April 2017 Start of Registration
12 April 2017 Course page went live

About the Course

The development of mobile applications (apps) is exploding. Google Play Store publishes more than 2.8 million apps while the Apple App Store surpasses 2.2 million apps. App stores make available an enormous source of information, such as app metadata (e.g., descriptions), app binaries (e.g., APIs, permissions), and user feedback (e.g., reviews, ratings,). This information can be mined and exploited to improve the mobile ecosystem in different ways:

  • App stores can detect and eliminate malicious apps from the marketplace.
  • Users can avoid privacy leaks and threats when using apps.
  • Developers can improve the quality of their apps and development processes.

In this seminar, we will explore the most recent research on the mobile app mining area.

Format & Date


  • 1st meeting is on Friday, 21th of April 2017 15:00-16:00, @CISPA (E9.1) room 0.06.
  • Every Friday, 13:15-14:00 @CISPA (E9.1), room 0.06.

Course Format

  • Reading group. One paper discussed per week (short presentation/summary of the paper, discussion of strengths & weaknesses).
  • Every week each student has to write a summary of the paper of the week.
  • Every week one student will be selected as the moderator. The moderator has to introduce the week paper to the class in 3 mins. The introduction can be done orally or using few slides (3-5 slides).
  • At the end of the semester, 1 day with presentations.


  • Write a summary about the paper of the week (1/2 to 1 page, 300 - 500 words)
  • Summaries must be sent to with subject: [AppMining2017]Summary. Deadline: 2 days before the week meeting (23:59).
  • You can find a sample summary here.

List of papers

#DateDeadlinePaper TitleLink app behavior against app descriptions[pdf]


Seminar booked out! The registration is closed.

Registration for the course is mandatory, course registration starts on April 20th, 2017.

To register please send an e-mail to with subject: [AppMining2017]Registration and the following data:

  • Name and Surname
  • Faculty and Programme (Bachelor/Master/PhD)
  • Rationale (300 chars max.). Tell us why you would like to take this seminar (motivation, previous background, etc.)

The maximum number of participants in the seminar is 12 people. The rule is "first come, first served". You will receive an e-mail confirming your place in the seminar or in the waiting list.

The presence at the seminar is compulsory. Please notify the lecturer in advance if you cannot attend a session for a justified reason. During the first two weeks it is possible to cancel the registration to the seminar (by notifying the lecturer). People in the waiting list will be notified if there is any vacancy to join the seminar.

Additional Remarks

If you are an international student that cannot register in HISPOS, most probably the proof of course completion you will get from us should be enough for your exchange program coordinator. If you are not sure, contact your coordinator.

Please note, for organizational reasons you have to sign up both in the course registration form given below and in HISPOS.
Deadlines for the HISPOS registration will be posted in the HISPOS portal and announced by email.

Course Evaluation

What should you do to pass the seminar and get the credits?

Passing Requirements

  • Attend weekly meetings (max. 2 unjustified absences)
  • Submit weekly summaries on time
  • Present one of the discussed papers at the end of the semester (15-20 min.)
  • Submit annotated slides of your final presentation

Grading Scheme:

  • Summary: 40%
  • Final presentation + annotated slides: 50%
  • Live discussion: 10%


Lecturer: Dr. Maria Gomez

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Zeller