Frequently Asked Questions - and Answers

I have been assigned to project X, but I had not chosen this project in my preferences at all.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to fulfill all preferences because there were a few projects with many requests and relatively many projects with less interest. We used an integer linear programming (ILP) solver to achieve the best outcome. However, this best outcome is global; thus, the group assignments are equally fair (or, unfair) across all students, while individual assignments might seem unfair. It was, to our great regret, not possible to find a solution that perfectly fits all individual preferences.

I have been assigned to project X. I really would like to join another group and project, respectively.

Due to the overwhelming interest in the lecture, far more students than expected are attending it. We had to assign almost 180 students to 37 projects. Thus, virtually all project groups are complete and already contain 5 members. As such, please understand that it is not possible to join a different group than the one you have been assigned to already.

What happened to the weekly tutorials?

Due to the structural changes of the lecture (no theoretical exercise sheets, but practice-oriented projects instead), the formerly weekly scheduled tutorials have been replaced with individual meetings of the project groups and their tutors.

The lecture and exam will be in English. Can I answer in German?

Ja, Sie können auch auf Deutsch antworten. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie entweder alles auf Deutsch, oder alles auf Englisch beantworten.