Important Announcements

Certificates are available in the secretary's office of the Software Engineering Chair. Office hours are as follows: Wednesday, April 13, 09.00 - 14.00 hrs (the office is closed on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday this calendar week 15). From calendar week 16 on: Monday - Friday, 09.00 - 14.30 hrs.


Date News Update
2011-04-11 Certificates (Scheine) are available.
2011-03-31 Final grades are available in the course management system. The certificates will be available by the end of next week.

About the Course

Software engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software. In this core lecture (Stammvorlesung, 9 CP), we build on earlier exposure to software engineering (for instance, the software lab / Software Praktikum in Saarland's Bachelor's program) and explore in-depth software engineering topics such as

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Specification
  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Advanced Programming Techniques
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Maintenance and Evolution
  • Software Project Management

More information like the course curriculae is available in the LSF portal.


You have to register if you want to attend the course.

Please note, for organizational reasons, you have to sign up both in the chair's system and in HISPOS.

Course Registration

Registration is closed.


Please remember that you also have to register in the HISPOS system. Deadlines for that will be posted in the HISPOS portal and announced by email.


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Office Hours

The office hours are scheduled Tuesdays from 14:30 till 15:30, starting on October 26th, 2010. You can find Martin Burger in Building E1 1, Room 1.16.3.



The tutors take care of the project groups.

Name Note
Martin Burger Co-ordinator / Supervisor
Mathias Bader Senior Tutor
Andrey Krekhov Tutor
Arif Khan Tutor
Birgit Schwarz Tutor
Dragana Majstorovic Tutor
Erdal Kuzey Tutor
Kaushik Mukherjee Tutor
Sameera Mahajani Tutor

Reading list

  • R. Pressman, Software Engineering - A Practitioner's Approach, 6th ed., 2005
  • C. Ghezzi, M. Jazayeri, and D. Mandriolo, Fundamentals of Software Engineering. Prentice Hall, second ed., 2002
  • A. Endres and D. Rombach, A Handbook of Software and Systems Engineering. The Fraunhofer IESE Series on Software Engineering, Pearson Education Ltd., 2003.
  • The Z Notation
  • S. Robertson and J. C. Robertson, Mastering the Requirements Process. Addison-Wesley Professional, second ed., 2006.
  • I. Jacobson, G. Booch, and J. Rumbaugh, The Unified Software Development Process. Addison-Wesley Professional, 1999.
  • K. Beck and C. Andres, Extreme Programming Explained. Addison-Wesley, 2004.