In the following I list some of the most important projects I participated in in recent years. In particular I leave out some of the bigger projects I participated in during the time of my apprenticeship at netfutura GmbH & Co. KG. Please contact me for a more detailled list of projects and activities.

Sambamba - Adaptive Optimization

The Sambamba project is the result of Clemens Hammacher's and my main research work. It is currently in an early stage and not yet ready for production use. In the project, we rethink software optimization from the ground up, replacing anticipation by adaptation — using runtime techniques fueled by the additional power of multicore processors. During runtime, we constantly monitor program behavior and specialize functions on the fly for actual usage profiles. Using speculation, we can apply highly aggressive optimizations such as automatic parallelization, and still roll back to conservative variants if needed. Our techniques work on legacy C-like programs; all one needs to do is to recompile.

For more details on the project, please visit the dedicated website at

Snipcloud - Snippets in the Cloud

The idea of the snipcloud project is to enhance the regular content assist of any IDE by combining well known snippet mechanisms with sophisticated program analysis and social features.

The project is still in a closed beta phase. It was awarded the second place in a business contest at Saarland University.

EMERGENT - Software Cluster Project

The EMERGENT project is run by the Software-Cluster and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under grant no. "01IC10S01". Our work on adaptive optimization partially takes place in the course of this project.

javaMIPS - MIPS Plugin for Eclipse

javaMIPS provides a complete MIPS Assembler development and debugging environment for the Eclipse IDE. It was developed by Prof. Sebastian Hack and me for the course Programming 2.

For details please refer to the Github page of the project at kevinstreit/javaMIPS.

Bookmark - Book ordering portal

In 2008 I was responsible for the initial development, setup and implementation of the Bookmark project which was a Web application used by nearly 1300 students of Computer Science, Mathematics and Bioinformatics to order books paid for using the tuition fees. Together with two developers I had to find a solution for storing the highly critical data of the students in a secure and safe way and protect it from manipulation. The amount of money managed by the system was in the order of 160.000 €. I was responsible for all legal affairs, the contact to the legal department of the university and the local book store, setting up contracts, supervision during the projects runtime and finally checking the invoices.

Printerface - Intuitive Public Printing

In 2008 I worked together with another student to implement the so called Printerface which is a hardware and software solution for easy print management. The system consists of a natural touchscreen interface, a customized RFID card reader for user authentication and a specialized software written in Java to provide an easily usable printing solution to all students. The Printerface is still in use in the Computer Science Department at Saarland University and is used by the roughly 1500 students of Computer Science and related fields.

Students Representatives Council

From February 2007 to April 2009 I was an elected member of the students' representative council in the Computer Science Department at Saarland University. As such I worked together with professors and students and represented the students in several boards and commitees at the university. One important council I was member of is the tuition fee council which decided what was paid by the fees of the Computer Science and Mathematics Department of our university.

Board of Directors: FIS e.V.

FIS e.V. is a non-profit association supporting the Computer Science Department of Saarland University and its students. One of the main tasks of our association is to organize the annual job fair, FIT, in the Computer Science Department. Since April 2009 I have been a member of the board of directors and as such legally responsible.

Eclipse Campus Ambassador

Starting in October 2010 I have been the Eclipse Campus Ambassador at Saarland University. As such I am trying to bring Eclipse and Eclipse related projects closer to our students and encourage them to use Eclipse for their day to day programming tasks and to develop their own projects based on the RCP framework of Eclipse. For more information and collaboration opportunities please visit the page of our university in the Eclipse wiki.