Dies ist ein Archiv des alten Softwaretechnik Lehrstuhls der Universität des Saarlandes. Es ist nicht länger aktuell.


Saar Uni App

Lehrstuhl für Softwaretechnik (Prof. Zeller)
Universität des Saarlandes – Informatik
Informatik Campus des Saarlandes
Campus E9 1 (CISPA)
66123 Saarbrücken
E-mail: zeller @ cs.uni-saarland.de
Telefon: +49 681 302-70970

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Saar Uni App

The Saarland University App has initially been developed during the Software Engineering course in 2012, and has since then been pushed forward by Tom Michels (iOS) and Shahzad Aslam and Janek Beicher (Android).

It is available for iPhone and iPad on the iTunes App Store, and for all Android devices in the Google Play Store.
The App shows some information about studies and life at Saarland University, and offers functionality to search for busses, staff members, or browse the Mensa menu. To get an impression of the app, just check the screenshots:






  • Andreas Freund
  • Clemens Hammacher
  • Hafiz Ahmad Shahzad Aslam
  • Janek Beicher
  • Jianan Ma
  • Matthias Sambale
  • Tobias Tykvart
  • Tom Michels
  • Wenbin Li

Contact us

If you encounter problems using the app, please contact us via mail.

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