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API Popularity
learning from the wisdom of the crowds

Lehrstuhl für Softwaretechnik (Prof. Zeller)
Universität des Saarlandes – Informatik
Informatik Campus des Saarlandes
Campus E9 1 (CISPA)
66123 Saarbrücken
E-mail: zeller @ cs.uni-saarland.de
Telefon: +49 681 302-70970

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The Software Evolution project at the Software Engineering Chair, Saarland University, analyzes version and bug databases to predict failure-prone modules, related changes, and future development activities.

What's new

  • Submitted paper "Mining API Popularity" at TAIC PART 2010.


  • Mining API Popularity. Yana Mileva, Valentin Dallmeier, Andreas Zeller. TAIC PART 2010.
    Abstract. When designing a piece of software, one frequently must choose between multiple external libraries that provide similar services. Which library is the best one to use? We mined hundreds of open source projects and their external dependencies in order to observe the popularity of their APIs and to give recommendations of the kind: "Projects are moving away from this API element. Consider a change." Such wisdom of the crowds can provide valuable information to both the API users and the API producers.

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