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Versioning System Models Through Description Logic - SCM 1998
by Andreas Zeller

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, B. Magnusson (Ed.), Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Software Configuration Management (SCM-8), Pages 127-132, Volume 1439, Springer, Berlin, Germany, July 1998.

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In software configuration management, little attention has been paid to the evolution of system models , that is, the description of the components that make up a system, and the relationships between them. We present an extension to the version set model based on description logic, where roles , set-valued features, model relationships between version sets. Relationships are versioned with their components; features are propagated and unified along component relationships, ensuring configuration completeness and consistency. The integrated version set model has been realized in ICE MAKE, a MAKE clone dealing with versioned system models. ICE MAKE constructs arbitrary version sets according to their respective dependencies and deduces features and dependencies as imposed by the propagated configuration constraints.


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