This is an archive of the old software engineering chair at Saarland University. It is no longer up-to-date.

Die inferenzbasierte Softwareentwicklungsumgebung NORA
by Gregor Snelting, Bernd Fischer, Franz-Josef Grosch, Matthias Kievernagel, Andreas Zeller

Informatik - Forschung und Entwicklung, Pages 116-131, Volume 9, Number 3, August 1994.

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Reuse of old software, as well as early quality assurance during new developments, requires complex analysis methods and intelligent tools. Therefore, the experimental software development environment NORA aims to realize recent achievements from unification theory and deduction methods. NORA presents a set of interactive tools grouped around a library of reusable components. This set of tools includes inference-based interface analysis, component retrieval using pre- and post-conditions and type signatures as search keys, software configuration management based on feature unification, and inference of configuration structures from existing source code. NORA is parametrized with language-specific knowledge and can handle incomplete and inconsistent information. The paper describes the tools and the inference methods involved; finally, the system architecture and tool communication are outlined.


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