This is an archive of the old software engineering chair at Saarland University. It is no longer up-to-date.

Predicting Vulnerable Software Components - Technical Report
by Stephan Neuhaus, Thomas Zimmermann, Andreas Zeller

Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany, February 2007. Accepted at ACM CCS 2007. Please cite the conference paper..

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We introduce Vulture, a new approach and tool to predict vulnerable components in large software systems. Vulture relates a software project's version archive to its vulnerability database to find those components that had vulnerabilities in the past. It then analyzes the import structure of software components and uses a support vector machine to learn and predict which imports are most important for a component to be vulnerable. We evaluated Vulture on the C++ codebase of Mozilla and found that Vulture correctly identifies about two thirds of all vulnerable components. This allows developers and project managers to focus their testing and inspection efforts: "We should look at nsXPInstallManager more closely, because it is likely to contain yet unknown vulnerabilities."

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