This is an archive of the old software engineering chair at Saarland University. It is no longer up-to-date.

Localizing Bugs in Program Executions with Graphical Models - NIPS 2009
by Laura Dietz, Valentin Dallmeier, Andreas Zeller, Tobias Scheffer

December 2009.


We devise a graphical model that supports the process of debugging software by guiding developers to code that is likely to contain defects. The model is trained using execution traces of passing test runs; it re┬┐ects the distribution over tran- sitional patterns of code positions. Given a failing test case, the model deter- mines the least likely transitional pattern in the execution trace. The model is designed such that Bayesian inference has a closed-form solution. We evaluate the Bernoulli graph model on data of the software projects AspectJ and Rhino.


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