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Mining Eclipse for Cross-Cutting Concerns - MSR 2006
by Silvia Breu, Thomas Zimmermann, Christian Lindig

Stephan Diehl, Harald Gall, Martin Pinzger, Ahmed E. Hassan (Ed.), Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Mining Software Repositories, Pages 94-97, May 2006.

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Software may contain functionality that does not align with its architecture. Such cross-cutting concerns do not exist from the beginning but emerge over time. By analysing where developers add code to a program, our history-based mining identifies cross-cutting concerns in a two-step process. First, we mine CVS archives for sets of methods where a call to a specific single method was added. In a second step, simple cross-cutting concerns are combined to complex cross-cutting concerns. To compute these efficiently, we apply formal concept analysis---an algebraic theory. Unlike approaches based on static or dynamic analysis, history-based mining for cross-cutting concerns scales to industrial-sized projects: For example, we identified a locking concern that cross-cuts 1284 methods in the open-source project ECLIPSE.

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