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Quality of Bug Reports in Eclipse - eTX 2007
by Nicolas Bettenburg, Sascha Just, Adrian Schröter, Cathrin Weiss, Rahul Premraj, Thomas Zimmermann

Proceedings of the 2007 OOPSLA Workshop on Eclipse Technology eXchange, ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, October 2007.

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The information in bug reports influences the speed at which bugs are fixed. However, bug reports differ in their quality of information. We conducted a survey responses among the ECLIPSE developers to determine the information in reports that they widely used and the problems frequently encountered. Our results show that steps to reproduce and stack traces are most sought after by developers, while inaccurate steps to reproduce and incomplete information pose the largest hurdles. Surprisingly, developers are indifferent to bug duplicates. Such insight is useful to design new bug tracking tools that guide reporters at providing more helpful information. We also present a prototype of a quality-meter tool that measures the quality of bug reports by scanning its content.

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