Exams organizational information

You have been assigned to an exam room. Kindly, check for your exam room here: E.2.2 , E2.5 Hall I and E 2.5 Hall II

Please read carefully the organizational information of the Software Engineering End of Term Exam given below:

The exam will take place on Saturday, 22 July 2017. It will start at 9:00 or a couple of minutes after and will last for 3 hours.

Before entering the lecture hall: Please wait in front of the lecture hall until we open it for you (some minutes before the stated time, if we won't have any delays). When we open it, you can sit anywhere where there are exams sheets lying. However, keep in mind, that if you choose the last seats and there will be free spaces closer to the front, we might ask you to change your seat to the very front.

Physical condition: If you feel ill or otherwise incapable of taking this exam, tell us right now - meaning before you begin with the exam. Once you have started, the exam counts as taken and - should the occasion arise - as failed.

Bags: Before the exam starts you will have to leave your backpacks/bags at the wall.

Mobile devices: Similarly, you will have to turn off your mobile devices and put them in your backpack/bag left at the wall.

Before exam starts: Please do not read the exam lying in front of you until the supervising staff announces the exam has officially started.

Items on the desk: During the exams please keep on your desk only the following: the exam, your writing instruments, your cheat sheet signed with your name and matriculation number (can be done on the empty page) and your ID card.

Readable matriculation number: Make sure that your matriculation number is easily readable. For instance, write number seven with a line in the middle ("7") to clearly differentiate the character from the number one.

Checking the exam: Immediately after we announce the exam start, please check you have all pages and sign every page with your last name and student ID. The pages will have appropriate sections for that.

Signing the exam: Each blank page also has section for the number of problem solved. Please fill it up, so we won't have to wonder to which problem given solution pertains. Of course you can have solutions to more than one problem at a given page, but then please mark each solution with number of the problem it solves.

Language: For any problem set, the same language should be used. For example, if you start an answer in German, then you should stick to German throughout the answer and only switch in the next problem set.

Inspecting the ID cards: As soon as the exam starts, while you will be writing, one of the supervisors will go through the lecture hall checking your ID cards.

Additional sheets: Additional sheets of paper can be obtained from the supervision. Only sheets signed by the supervision are allowed (no own sheets).

Leaving the room: We will enable only one person at a time to go to a restroom or leave the room for any other reason, if such need arises. We will ask you to give us your ID card, cheat sheet and exam until you are back from the restroom.

Unclear tasks: If something will be unclear in the task descriptions, please assume the most likely scenario. The exam won't try to be tricky. The tutors won't know the contents of the exams, so their guess will be as good as yours and so they won't be able to help you.

Errors in tasks: If you are quite sure there is an error in a task description, please raise your hand. In each lecture hall there will be a Software Engineering Chair representative (not a tutor) that should be able to judge if there really is an error in the exam.

Finishing early: If you finish the exam early, deposit your the answer sheet and cheat sheet with the supervisors.

Last 15 minutes: when there will be only 15 minutes left until the end of the exam, we won't let any students to leave the lecture hall to avoid too big of a disturbance.

Sheets stay on desk: At the end of the exam, place your answer sheets and cheat sheets on the desk and leave.

Readable writing: In general, please try your best to have a comprehensible hand writing.

Points and time: Approximately, allocate one minute of time for each point in the exam. Read through the entire question paper first and tackle the section you know best. At the end, leave 10 minutes for review.

With that, we wish you good luck!