Date News Update
24 Apr 2014

The updated re-exam results and the updated all grades have been published. The course grades have been finalized and no more changes are possible.

We kindly ask you to provide anonymous feedback on the course in the form linked from the email sent to the mailing list. Many thanks!

16 Apr 2014

The updated exam results, the re-exam results and updated all grades have been published. Please double-check for correctness and enjoy!

9 Apr 2014

Due to our chair infrastructure migration, temporarily all the important information pertaining to grading and re-exam is published on the students mailing list. If you haven't received any emails about re-exam and project grades in last weeks from that list, please write to Konrad.

12 Mar 2014

The exam inspection changes have been incorporated into the exam results.

The office hours for students who couldn't attend the exam inspection and emailed the course managers will be announced on a later date.

To attend the re-exam, you have to register here.

25 Feb 2014

The exam inspection will take place on 11 March 2014, 14:00 - 17:00 in Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal, E2 2. Please note that the exam inspection is the only official term during which you can discuss your exam grading. If you will be absent on it, we cannot guarantee another appointment. In exceptional cases we will be able to find time for you. However, please first write us an email explaining why you are/were unable to attend the inspection and to set up the exceptional inspection time. Because of the sheer amount of students, we will be rejecting students walking into our office without emailing us first (being interrupted every couple of minutes for 3 weeks straight is no fun, believe me).

25 Feb 2014

Exam results have been published. The results, results analysis, points distribution chart.

7 Feb 2014

Exam organizational information is available here.

5 Feb 2014

An upated list (see previous post) is available here.

4 Feb 2014

A list of matriculation numbers of students allowed to write the Software Engineering 2013 End of Term exam has been published and is available here.

If you want to write the exam, please check if your number is on this list and if not, please write immediately to the course manager Konrad !

3 Feb 2014

F.A.Q. has been updated with information about exams and projects previously posted to the mailing list.

20 Jan 2014
  • F.A.Q. has been posted, clarifying some questions about the UML diagrams.
  • There will be no more lectures.
  • The information about exams is provided in previous news post. Details about the seat assignments will be provided closer to the exam date.
16 Jan 2014 Iteration 3 expected progress and deliverables have been updated.
9 Dec 2013

Iteration 2 week 4 due date, expectations and deliverables have been updated. Please read the text in red in the deliverables schedule.

9 Dec 2013

Lecture schedule has been updated.

About the exams
Exam will take place on Monday 10 February, 14:00 - 17:00.
Re-exam will take place on Saturday 12 April, 14:00 - 17:00.

28 Nov 2013 Expected weekly progress for second iteration has been published.
25 Nov 2013 Slides from the last lecture have been uploaded. There will be no lectures this and next week.
20 Nov 2013 Slides from the last lecture have been uploaded. Information on preferred way of sharing deliverables of last week of iteration has been described in deliverables schedule.
18 Nov 2013 The next two lectures will be about software design. If you have attended Software Lab (Software Praktikum, SoPra), you should be already familiar with the topic and thus you can skip both lectures, unless you want to refresh your knowledge.
11 Nov 2013 There will be no lecture tomorrow. Instead, it will take place on Thursday.
4 Nov 2013
  • An error in deliverables schedule has been fixed: the second iteration will take place immediately after the first iteration, not after the holiday break. The third iteration will take place immediately after the holiday break. The new first iteration deliverables due date is 25 Nov 2013 (moved 2 days forward).
  • A clarification paragraph about project expected progress has been added.
  • Tomorrow's lecture will be on UI design. On Thursday there won't be any lecture.
31 Oct 2013 Details on projects have been published. Check them out!.
23 Oct 2013 List of matriculation numbers of students who have voted so far on projects has been posted to the mailing list. Please check if your number is there! If it isn't and you won't vote before the voting deadline, you won't pass the project part of the course!
21 Oct 2013 Important organizational information related to project presentation and project voting, including the project descriptions, has been posted to students mailing list. Be sure to read it!
21 Oct 2013 The course registration is now closed. Some additional explanations on registration in HISPOS have been given in the relevant section.
18 Oct 2013

All the students who have signed up for the course so far have been added to the mailing list and should have received a confirmation email (the lists should be working now). If you didn't receive such confirmation and you have already signed up for the course, please let us know by emailing us at

We will periodically check for any new sign-ups and add the newly signed-up students to the mailing list.

On a side note, slides from the last lecture have just been uploaded.
15 Oct 2013 The projects will be presented on 22 October; more details on that will be available on the course page in incoming days. For now, please consider teaming up in groups of 6 people (5 or 7 is allowed, but 6 is highly preferred), as you will vote for projects as entire teams. All students without teams will be formed into new random teams or will be assigned to the existing teams.
09 Oct 2013 The first lecture will take place on 15 October 2013,8:30 in building E1 3, lecture hall HS 002.

If you registered for the course using the form below, it will be confirmed by email after the first lecture. Separate announcement here will inform about the confirmations, so you will be able to easily report lack of confirmation.
02 Sep 2013 Course page went live.

About the Course

Software engineering is the application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach to the development, operation, and maintenance of software. In this core lecture (9 CP), we expand on earlier exposure to software engineering (for instance, the software lab / SoPra from Saarland University's Bachelor's program) and do a detailed exploration of software engineering topics like:

  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Maintenance and Evolution
  • Software Project Management
  • and others...
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Specification
  • Software Design and Architecture
  • Advanced Programming Techniques

The course consists of two parts: A project part, in which you work in a team of 5–7 students with a customer to engineer a prototypical software solution to a problem, and a course part, which provides the necessary skills for completing the projects. Assuming that you already know about programming, the course will specifically focus on the early stages of software development (in particular requirements and design) as well as on the late stages (in particular quality assurance).

This is a highly pratical course. Most of your grade will be based on the project, the remaining is based on the written exam. You need to pass the project as well as the written exam. Exact project and exam grade percentages will be announced later.

Registration - closed

The registration for the course is permanently closed since 21 Oct 2013 21:07. In total, 250 students have registered. Srsly.

Please note, for organizational reasons you have to sign up both in the course and in HISPOS.
Deadlines for the HISPOS registration will be posted in the HISPOS portal and announced by email (probably around mid-November).

If you are an international student that cannot register in HISPOS, most probably the proof of course completion you will get from us should be enough for your exchange program coordinator. If you are not sure, contact your coordinator.


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Zeller
Course manager: Konrad Jamrozik
Course co-manager: Vitalii Avdiienko
Tutors: Michael Backenköhler Murali Chodisetti
Raul Fernandes Herbster Ufuoma Bright Ighoroje
Alexander Kampmann Shivateja Medisetti
David Pötzsch-Heffter Souza Putra
Kevin Salvesen

Reading list

  • R. Pressman, Software Engineering - A Practitioner's Approach, 6th ed., 2005
  • C. Ghezzi, M. Jazayeri, and D. Mandriolo, Fundamentals of Software Engineering. Prentice Hall, second ed., 2002
  • A. Endres and D. Rombach, A Handbook of Software and Systems Engineering. The Fraunhofer IESE Series on Software Engineering, Pearson Education Ltd., 2003.
  • The Z Notation
  • S. Robertson and J. C. Robertson, Mastering the Requirements Process. Addison-Wesley Professional, second ed., 2006.
  • I. Jacobson, G. Booch, and J. Rumbaugh, The Unified Software Development Process. Addison-Wesley Professional, 1999.
  • K. Beck and C. Andres, Extreme Programming Explained. Addison-Wesley, 2004.