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Thesis Checklist

This page contains a checklist of what we expect to be in a thesis. It has tips on what to include in the thesis, for the form in which the thesis should be, and what to write—and what not to write—in a thesis.


General Introduction

A thesis is much more than a manual page of what you have implemented: it documents your scientific accomplishments. Since it is a message (in the communication theoretic sense of the word), it has an intended receiver (ditto), who needs to be able to understand your thesis with a minimal amount of effort.

Your audience will in general be the people who grade the thesis. Sometimes, you will have a broader audience, such as when the work you have done is of wider interest and you have published a paper on your work and are basing your thesis on that paper.

When you write the thesis, you need to accomodate your audience: you must make it easy for the reader to follow you. To facilitate this, you must:

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