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From January 2006 to June 2011, I worked at the Software Engineering Chair as PhD student and scientific assistant. After I had successfully completed my PhD thesis defense on June 20, 2011, I continued my work as Postdoc until February 2013. Since March 2013, I have been working as project manager of the WebMate project.

I am interested in all sorts of systematic (and automated in particular) debugging, especially dynamic analysis and capture/replay of programs. I have been maintaining several projects related to my research and courses at the chair.

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Best Paper Award at SWQD, 2013
At Software Quality Days (SWQD) 2013 in Vienna, Austria, WebMate: Generating Test Cases for Web 2.0 won the Best Paper Award "Technical Research".
IKT Innovativ, 2013
This start-up competition is organized by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology to help launch innovative ICT companies. At CeBIT 2013, WebMate got this award from Federal Minister Dr. Philipp Rösler.
Business concept awarded at KWT start-up competition, 2011
This competition is organized by the Kontaktstelle für Wissens- und Technologietransfer at Saarland University.
Nominated for Best Paper Award at ISSTA, 2011
At the International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA) 2013 in Toronto, Canada, Minimizing Reproduction of Software Failures was nominated for the Best Paper Award.
Eclipse Innovation Grant, 2003
My diploma thesis was in the context of the "Eclipse Innovation Grant on automated debugging", which was awarded to Prof. Dr. Andreas Zeller.

Research and Projects

The focus of my research is on automated debugging, in particular on applying delta debugging to find failure-inducing circumstances automatically—circumstances such as the program input, changes to the program code, or program executions. Furthermore, I am interested in all sorts of automation related to software development; for instance, build and test automation.

My research usually results in usable tools. For instance, my diploma project was DDchange, a debugging framework that automatically determines failure-inducing program changes. During my PhD studies, I had been working on JINSI, a tool that replays and isolates failure-inducing program interactions. As postdoc, I have been working on WebMate, the only tool that allows you to automatically test Web 2.0 applications exhaustively for cross-browser compatibility.

See my research interests and my projects for more details.


You can find an exhaustive list of all my publications at the chair’s publications page. Most of them are available for download as PDF file.


I have extensive experience as supervisor for several courses related to software engineering in general, and debugging as well as programming in particular:

Semester Course Type
Winter 2010 Software Engineering:
“The engineering discipline of the 21st century.”
Core lecture
Summer 2009 13 Wochen - 13 Sprachen:
13 programming languages in 13 weeks.
Summer 2007 Programmierung 2:
Learn how to program on a large scale.
Regular lecture
Summer 2006 Automated Debugging:
Learn how to find failure causes automatically.
Advanced lecture

Furthermore, I helped supervise the following lectures:

Semester Course Type
Summer 2012 Softwarepraktikum Practical course
Summer 2011 Softwarepraktikum Practical course
Summer 2010 Softwarepraktikum Practical course
Summer 2009 Softwarepraktikum Practical course
Summer 2008 Softwarepraktikum Practical course
Summer 2007 Softwarepraktikum Practical course
Summer 2006 Softwarepraktikum Practical course


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