Zeller's Clock
A simple countdown clock for speakers

Software Engineering Chair (Prof. Zeller)
Saarland University – Computer Science
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66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
E-mail: zeller @ cs.uni-saarland.de
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If you're a session chair at a conference, you'd like to let your speakers know how much time is left. This clock can be run by session chairs during a talk on a laptop facing the speaker, so the speaker always knows how much time is remaining.

The clock comes as a H.264 1024x768 Quicktime movie, with chapter markers in five minute intervals.

Download Zeller's Clock 1.0.zip

Some trivia:

  • The design is inspired by German/Swiss railway clocks.
  • When the time has elapsed, there's a brief "Bing" sound, and a pulsating stop sign appears.
  • At 30 minutes, the clock stops for an extra two seconds due to a glitch. Other than that, it is pretty accurate.
  • I created the clock using Keynote on a Mac; the package also includes the Keynote source. The movie is much easier to use than the presentation, though; in particular, you can let it run in the background.
  • To create the movie, I exported the Keynote presentation to Quicktime, piped it through Handbrake to reduce size, and finally added chapter markers.
  • The name "Zeller's Clock" was not coined by me, but by the participants of a Dagstuhl seminar where I first used a countdown clock. The above analog clock was created and used during MSA 2010.
  • Many people have invented similar clocks, but as far as I know, this is the only analog one.
Enjoy! -- Andreas

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