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ACM SIGSOFT Impact Paper Award Keynote

Software Engineering Chair (Prof. Zeller)
Saarland University – Computer Science
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Campus E9 1 (CISPA)
66123 Saarbrücken, Germany
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   "Yesterday, my program worked. Today, it does not. Why?" This paper, originally published at ESEC/FSE 1999, introduced the concept of delta debugging, a simple, yet very effective method for automated debugging. In 2009, this paper received the ACM SIGSOFT impact paper award as the most influential software engineering publication of 1999.

In his keynote at ESEC/FSE in Amsterdam on August 27, 2009, Andreas Zeller reviews the state of automated debugging in the past and the future. He shares stories about how delta debugging came to be, how it can be hard to be simple, what programmers really need, and what research should do (and should not do) to explore and cater to these needs. Listen to his talk right here.

To view the presentation slide by slide, or to leave comments, see its site at SlideShare. A 2-page abstract is also available.

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