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Programs are buggy.

The annual loss of revenues through programming bugs is numbered in the billions. A study by the US Department of Commerce in July 2002 has shown that programming bugs cause annual revenue losses of $59.5 billion to the US economy alone. About a third of these losses could be avoided through the use of better testing and debugging procedures.

Debugging is currently a manual task.

While much of programming has been automated, support for debugging—identifying and removing bugs— is still in its infancy. Programmers can easily spend hours and hours chasing down one single bug. Although tools ("debuggers") are available that allow programmers to inspect program runs, programmers must still know where to search for the bug.

Can we automate debugging?

AskIgor demonstrates that much of debugging can be automated. In particular, AskIgor promises to identify the failure cause automatically—that is, 90% of the debugging work. It remains to be seen whether how effective automated debugging can be—which is exactly the question AskIgor is set to answer.

Isn't prevention better than cure?

One could argue that if we only prevented all bugs from happening, there would be no need for debugging. As long as humans write programs, though, we'll have to live with bugs, and therefore, there is a need for a cure. This is where AskIgor steps in.