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Here are some images for presentations or publications about AskIgor. You are allowed to use these images free of charge, as long as you reference the source,

Debugging with AskIgor
(Fehlersuche mit AskIgor)
This diagram shows the debugging process with AskIgor from a user's perspective.
Debugging - the traditional way and the AskIgor way
(Fehlersuche - herkömmlich und mit AskIgor)
This diagram contrasts traditional (manual) debugging with the AskIgor process.
Submitting a program This picture shows the initial AskIgor screen in a Mozilla web browser. The user is preparing to upload the GNU C compiler (GCC).
How the failure came to be This picture shows the AskIgor diagnosis screen in a Mozilla web browser. The user sees how the failure came to be.
A program state This picture shows the program state of the GNU C compiler (GCC): 70,000 variables are connected by references. One of these refers a bad value—and Igor finds out the one.
Behind the scenes Igor works by accessing and comparing program states of two runs—a working and a failing one. By systematic testing, Igor isolates the failure-inducing difference—for instance, the one bad reference between two variables.
Professor Zeller Andreas Zeller, professor of computer science at Saarland University, Germany, conceived AskIgor after spending too many nights on debugging.

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